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The relationship we have with this project (and client) holds dear to us. What started as a straightforward interior assignment for a simple holiday home more than twelve years ago evolved into a complete undertaking of the architecture, interiors, furniture and even the display of a fully furnished eight-suite villa home that could be rented to friends and selected guests occasionally. It proved to be a labour of love – a “total work of art” in all aspects, and resulted in a lifetime of friendship with the client, up till today.

Challengingly sited on the cliffs above Nyang Nyang beach in Uluwatu, which is at the most south-western tip of Bali (“ulu” means “lands end”), the construction of the project took over a decade to complete for various reasons, one of which was because of the complexity of the site itself. The terrain naturally ran steep down towards the beach side, making it highly inaccessible, so much structural and earth work had to be done in order to bridge over an existing gully and build on the most difficult part of the site, which happened at the furthest end, in order to capture the most spectacular views overlooking the Indian Ocean. As such, much of the building materials had to be painstakingly & manually hauled into place, one step at a time.

Identifying with the other part of its namesake (“watu” in Uluwatu means “rock”), the pale limestone ground rock which was excavated for placement of proper foundations or levelling purposes was reused as external feature walls for the house, painted over in a dark cool grey hue as a subtle reminder of where it came from.

While the main architectural roof form respects the vernacular, the details have been expressed with a contemporary approach, from its treatment of large sliding glass doors to allow for more light and controlled views, to the flat roof walkways cladded on the underside with solid teakwood set against plastered white walls, which allowed for hanging of artwork and objects. The interior dynamics is more of a well-crafted eclecticism, in both the furniture and objects itself and the way they are put together. One-off and bespoke pieces specially made for this project by the local craftsmen are positioned artfully with chosen objects that have a history connected to the client, site or material.

Land area: 60,000 sq ft

Completion: 2019

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