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A total of eight bedrooms were built - four are independent standalone villas with its own private garden or pond. The other four are suite rooms located nearer to the living area. Intentionally, no two rooms are designed the same - it is afterall, a home, not a hotel, and it should reflect personality and passion. New trees were planted years before completion, allowing them to overgrow into stunning mammoths. Ordinary creepers were trimmed and shaped into “bonsai-like” sculptures; time has allowed nature to become part of the design.

The interplay between the inside and the outside is best experienced in the bathrooms (likewise, all designed differently), where finishes extend to the outside realm, blurring boundaries. Boundaries have been set back, walls have been removed to allow for semi-outdoor showers. Terrazzo bathtubs, hand-made by in-house skilled craftsmen, are splendidly positioned half sunken in ponds, in a long grass garden, or at the foot of an age-old Frangi Pani tree that was painstakingly hoist into a courtyard setting, appearing as if it had always been there.

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