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What started as a renovation to solve several technical & practical problems of the old house evolved into a complete overhaul of the exterior & interior spaces, as well as the landscaping & garden. High on the owner's wish list was to increase the actual physical connection between the inside & the outside, and to create a sense of comfort & warmth within a modern simplicity, which was missing in the old design. By creating new overhangs & sleek canopies in dark grey metal, large panels of glass could now slide open during the usual tropical storms for natural cross ventilation. Rustic stone cladding in varied grey tones were newly installed to complement the new teak ceiling & rich grey brumex marble floor finish. Teak sliding screens and motorised vertical aerofoil louvres were designed to create the option of shielding the glaring sun when the need arises. The result is a project that is updated & more enjoyable, modern in its execution, and yet respectful of the owner's lifestyle. 

Land Area: 20,600 sq ft   |   Built-up Area: 16,500 sq ft

Completion: 2019  |  progress photos shown here

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