We are a Singapore-based design studio offering architectural and interior design services to mainly residential and selected commercial clients, both locally and overseas.

Founded by Tristan & Juliana, our studio’s work is guided by a deep rooted respect for the site and context. We bring an honest, straightforward approach to our work and thought process. We also enjoy the art of making things, utilising available materials and working with the richness of craftsmanship in our projects. 

Juliana, a registered Architect in Singapore, believes in uncovering the potential richness inherent in every brief and espouses the conviction to discover the simple beauty unique to the project without unnecessary artifice.


Tristan's eye for detail and materiality brings about a balance and natural harmony in our details, having refined his sensibility after years of working closely with top designers & craftsmen as the original owner of the renowned furniture shop CREAM.


The office remains tight knit, giving us opportunities to focus on doing compelling and engaging projects of all scales.