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We are a husband-and-wife team who started our design pathways separately, before coming together in 2012, to work on and dream up projects collectively. Having gone through dissimilar backgrounds and experiences, we now complement each other in our work process, keeping the studio tight knit as we focus on undertaking compelling and engaging projects of all scales. 


Our work is guided by a deep rooted respect for the SITE and CONTEXT; where we are building, what was before and who will dwell next. 


We like to take the TIME to hear the stories, to understand the space, the engagement with the user, LIKE-MINDED individuals, who value our honest, straightforward approach to our work and thought process. 


We also enjoy the ART OF MAKING THINGS, utilising available materials and working with the richness of craftsmanship in our projects. 


Juliana, a registered Architect (QP) in Singapore who trained under her long time mentor-&-friend, Ernesto Bedmar, believes that the beauty of design starts by identifying the problem of a project and transforming the solution with simplicity. 


Tristan's eye for detail and materiality, having refined his sensibility after years of working as the original owner of the renowned furniture shop CREAM, brings about a balance for our design and create moods, not just spaces, for the work that we do. 

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Our office is by appointment only, please email us before dropping by -

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